Northern Pines is the latest addition to the Subco Foods family. The Northern Pines motto is “None of the rest stack up to the Best”. After just one taste of our delicious product, you will understand why we proudly make this statement.

Subco Foods acquired the Northern Pines label in 2018 under the acquisition of Gust John Foods. As one family-owned business to another, we at Subco Foods strive to keep the strong qualities that made Northern Pines a premium label that has been consistent with it since it’s first days.

The old-fashioned flavor of Northern Pines Premium Pancake Mix comes from the multi-grain recipe that dates back to the 1800’s. With just a touch of maple flavor, this uniquely delicious mix is complete; just add water and you’re ready to serve some of the best tasting pancakes ever.

The great taste of the Northern Pancakes make them one of the favorites in the line. Just add eggs and water to this flavorful blend of potatoes and spices, and your customers will love the great home made taste and texture. You’d swear they were made from scratch with fresh potatoes, yet with less labor and less waste. They’re a satisfying breakfast treat or complimentary side dish to most main courses.

Northern Pines Products

Pancake Syrup

Sugar Free Maple Syrup

Pancake Mix

Gallon Size Pancake Syrup

Blueberry Syrup

Potato Pancake Mix

Strawberry Syrup

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