As your production partner, Subco offers you more than manufacturing management.

Subco can assist in purchasing raw and packaging materials, engineering test runs, warehousing and distribution.

Our team will work with you to fulfill your specifications before the project starts, through the production schedule, and to the on time delivery finish line. Our customer service staff is always responsive to whatever question and issues you may have through the process.

Our past success stories include efficiently ramping up production of existing products to handle distribution shortfalls, to shorter runs for test marketing experimental projects, to be a regular and trusted partner for customers who simply need season production on items. Our two locations give Subco Foods the increase capability for additional items, and work with your scheduling needs.

From test marketing a new product or package to rapidly increasing production and distribution of an established product, we guarantee rapid start-up and product quality.

Subco capabilities include: Dry and Liquid Products

  • Blending – Continuous Systems with ribbon and tumble
    blenders, and mixing screws
  • Pouching – Vertical and Horizontal (7″ & 9″)
  • Jars/Jugs Filing – Variety of Sizes
  • Bulk Filling – Drums, Totes, Pails, and Bags
  • Cartoning – Variety of Sizes, high speed line
  • Composite Cans – Round
  • Net Weighing – Computerized Weighing System – Ishida Scale
  • Custom Packaging – Assembly, Promotional Items
  • Secondary Packaging – Assembly, Promotional Items
  • Overwrapping – L-bar Sealer, Bundle Wrapper
  • High Speed Jarline

Subco Foods will work with you in domestic and international markets.

Find the right solution for your packaging needs.

Subco foods packaging capabillties are not limited to these. Subco Foods is always looking for new innovative packaging to provide our customers.

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