Pancake Syrup: A Must-Have in All Homes


In today’s market, there is a need for pancake syrup in a multitude of sizes and flavors. This must-have condiment is a staple in every American pantry.  Fond memories have been created over a breakfast of pancakes or waffles topped with delicious and sweet pancake syrup.

Subco Foods can help feed this need! We are conveniently located in the Midwest.  All of our pancake syrup is produced in the Chicago suburb of West Chicago.

Portion Control Cup

1 oz portion control cup

Subco Foods produces a variety of pancake syrups such as; One Gallon bottle, 36 oz. bottle, 24 oz. bottle, 12 oz. bottle, and 1 oz. cup. Many of our popular syrups are available in private label or with our house brands.


Gallon Size Pancake Syrup

Gallon Sized Pancake Syrup in a variety of flavors

Our private label and house brands are available in a variety of flavors.  We currently produce syrup in original, butter, lite, and sugar-free styles. Subco Foods also produces specialty flavors such as Strawberry Syrup and Blueberry Syrup. Seasonal syrup flavors such as Apple Pie, Cinnamon Roll, and many more are available depending on volume.  We would love to help you solve all of your syrup needs.







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